All Sexed Up

I was seriously left behind when it comes to the music scene that this particular conversation bear witness to it:

Nads : I went to paramore last night
Me : Where is paramore? Is that like a new mall or something?
Nads : *sedikit dumbfounded with my nenek-ish response*

But I’ve always had a legit excuse for that. Or at least, “20 mins in the car does not give much time for many songs” sounded a like fool-proof excuse. Of course I conveniently forgot to tell her that I only listened to Mix, where they play songs for people who refuse to move on to the 2000s. Anyways, I’ve switched to Fly the moment Mix signed JD and Dilly on.

Back to this entry, so now that I listen to Fly and only Fly, I can proudly say that I am quite updated nowadays. But I can’t say I love many of the songs. Especially the heavily auto-tuned Ke$ha and BEP songs. They annoy the hell outta me. Especially Ke$ha’s. But I’m not writing about the auto-tunes.

I’m writing about sex-themed songs. You know, stuff that black rappers and *gasps* Enrique Iglesias sing. Lemme give you examples haaa:

Example 1

Here’s the situation, been to every nation (whose nation bhai?)
Nobody’s ever made me feel the way that you do
You know my motivation given my reputation
Please excuse me I don’t me to be rude

But tonight I’m loving you

Example 2

I see you winding and grinding up on that floor
I know you see me lookin at you when you already know
I wanna love you (Do they mean the same as “I love you”?)

Example 3

You feel like paradise, and I need a vacation tonight
If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me? (hold what?)

And many others that have skipped my mind now.

Why has sex got to be the main theme of these songs? I know sex sells, but, you see, as a woman, I feel insulted that you only see us as sex objects and all you want is sex us up. And you sing about it in such an indecent way. Although, I bet Dr. Rohaya Mohamed of OWC loves this. “You shall sex your husbands like a first class whore.”

Whatever happened to those days when women are objects of affection, always loved and adored? The days when men serenade us, swearing to take care of us no matter what happens? Whatever happened to:

I swear, by the moon and the light and the stars”; or
“I’ll never break your heart, I’ll never make you cry”; or
“And I will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong”
“And I know I just need one more chance to prove my love to you”.

Or if they have to sing about sex, they make themselves sound hopelessly romantic like:

“I’ll make love to you, when you want me to,
And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night”

Sweet la sikit bunyi dia. I wouldn’t hesitate stripping and jump in the bed terus la macam gitu. Eh, TMI pulak.

How did these songs get on our airwaves anyways? Not just get on our airwaves; they’re being played like 75 times a day that I terhafal lagu Enrique Iglesias. The censorship board think we are too stupid that they censor obvious things like “anu dalam botol”, “krumania”, “ice cold beer” in Pink’s Perfect, but they don’t think we’re clever enough to spot the sex-laden, double meaning songs? And that we wouldn’t notice that if you replace “love” with “f**k” the song would’ve made more sense? Or we’re not clever enough to figure out that “if you seek amy” is what you’ll say when you spell “F.*.*.K. M.E”? Or they just think that we don’t know the word fuck exists and is widely used in Malaysia.

We live in a sex-driven world. No wonder kids as young as 14 (yes, you’re still a kid, adinda evans. Duit beli spender pun mintak mak bapak lagi) are fucking their boyfriends now. My God please save me and my family from such disgrace.

But please la, we need to do something or else there will be more adinda evans.

Or i just need to stop being dirty minded.

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